TechFuel: New Modes

by lunaweb on April 28, 2009

Memphis may not be used to being in the spotlight, but the city has received its fair share of attention over the past several months, due in large part to the efforts of LaunchMemphis and their partners.  The latest TechFuel event, that took place in the Launchpad of the Emerge Memphis building, was just the most recent of those efforts.

TechFuel: New Modes by LunaWeb on Flickr.
“TechFuel: New Modes” by LunaWeb on Flickr.

C.C. Chapman and Adrian Ho, two of the top thought leaders in the online community, joined us to share their passion about Social Media and the new climate of “online marketing”.  Both men gave insightful presentations that went far beyond the tools and how-to of Social Media.  They also allowed for exhaustive Q&A in which great questions were met with equally strong answers. The real value, as always, was in the conversation.

A great turnout to the event translated into a valuable forum for networking, brainstorming, sharing ideas and meeting the movers and shakers of the Memphis community.  C.C. and Adrian stuck around through the late evening hours, and tirelessly conversed with Memphis’ entrepeneurs.

Check out the Commercial Appeal coverage of the event.

Next for LaunchMemphis is the 2nd Startup Weekend in Memphis.  A wide range of thinkers and creators will be needed to band together in an ambitious attempt to launch a new startup in just one weekend.

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  • C.C. Chapman

    It was a real pleasure to be asked to come and speak to such a diverse and smart group of people. I had no idea so much was happening in Memphis and it is great to fully appreciate everything you guys have going on down there.

    You got some great shots and the one above reminds me that I need to smile more often in photos!

  • Daniel J. Pritchett

    Thanks for reminding me to sign up for SUW!

  • lunaweb

    No problem – that’s what we do!

  • Dave Barger

    It was great to spend time with you and get your thoughts on such a variety of 2.0 goodness. The smile in this shot has that serious look like this one

    See you out there in the “HumanSphere” (especially Media Hacks and Managing the Grey podcasts).

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